Real Madrid Experience 2018

Melbourne 2018

25th July 2018, my birthday and what a way to celebrate it! If you're a "Game of Thrones" fan, you'll know about the "Red Wedding"; well this was my "White Birthday". The Real Madrid Experience came to Australia, Melbourne especifically. So I flew down for a couple of days and was surrounded by White. I approached the security guard outside prior to opening and asked his if I could take pictures; the answer was "no". But he took one look at me, went inside and told them he had a massive Real Madrid nut outside; so not only was I allowed to take pictures, I was allowed to walk up close the European/Champion League Cups (eventhough there was a sign prohibiting it). And I got the royal treatment!

I had started the day by having breakfast at a nearby Spanish restaurant; my choice, of course, hot chocolate and churros. After the exhibition, I found my way to a Spanish tapas restaurant and had a great lunch with all my favourite tapas and a copious amount of Mahou beer.

A little anecdote: I got down to Melbourne the day before and went to check the route to the exhibition; it was cloudy but it looked like the rain may hold off. Well, it didn't; half way there, it started to rain, but not just a few drops, it was torrential. By the time I got back to the hotel I was totally soaked to the bone eventhough I had my Real Madrid wet weather jacket. It was quite a sight as I walked through the hotel lobby dripping wet.

Please Note: Just click on any of the slides below to see the full picture.

Image 1
View of UEFA Champions Leagues trophies
Image 2
Another view of UEFA Champions Leagues trophies
Image 16
The FIFA Club of the 20th Century Trophy; with Ballon d'Ors, Golden Boots & Golden Gloves, won by Real Madrid Player, in the background
Image 29
Player shirts, season 2017-18
Image 3
The first European Cup 1955-56
Image 4
The second European Cup 1956-57
Image 5
The third European Cup 1957-58
Image 6
The fourth European Cup 1958-59
Image 7
The fifth European Cup 1959-60
Image 8
The sixth European Cup 1965-66
Image 9
The seventh European Cup 1997-98
Image 10
The Eighth European Cup 1999-2000
Image 11
The ninth European Cup 2001-02
Image 12
The tenth European Cup 2013-14
Image 13
The eleventh European Cup 2015-16
Image 14
The twelveth European Cup 2016-17
Image 15
The thirteenth European Cup 2017-18
Image 17
The first Spanish Cup & original shirt with 2nd badge
Image 18
Original shirt with the 3rd badge
Image 19
Exchange pennant from match against Torino FC in Nov. 1924; 1920s football boots & ball
Image 20
The Spanish Liga Trophy 1931-32
Image 21
Pictures & articles of the opening of the new Chamartin Stadium, president (Bernabeu) & board
Image 22
The World Club Trophy, and other mementos, 1960
Image 23
Various picture & poster, including Alfredo DiStefano's tribute match
Image 24
The Spanish Cup 1979-80; the match was played against Castilla, the Real Madrid B side!
Image 25
The Santiago Bernabeu Trophy 1980, UEFA Cup 1984-85 and Super Ballon d'Or awarded to DiStefano 1989 (the only one ever awarded)
Image 26
Posters from Hugo Sanchez & Emilio Butragueño's tribute matches; player registration cards for Hierro, Roberto Carlos, Raúl & Mijatovic; FIFA Order of Merit Medal 1994
Image 27
The European Super Cup 2002; Zidane's & Beckham's shirts; Raúl's & Beckham's boots
Image 28
FIFA Club World Cup 2017; Ramos', Marcelo's & Rolando's boots; Casimiro's shirt

Now, that was an epic day!