José Luis Elvira Muñoz

On the 17th April 2020 José Luis Elvira Muñoz, a cousin of Michael and nephew of Vicente, passed away from COVID-19. José was a healthcare worker at a hospital in Alcazar de San Juan, a town south of Madrid in Spain. He was working in the Emergency department with little personal protection equipment (PPE) provided.

The pain of this event was even harder for his children, grandchildren and brothers as they were not able to see him and say goodbye as they did not live in that town or could get there due to the stringent travel restrictions in Spain due to COVID-19. They were only able to see his cremation by video link through their mobile phones.

While José was a life long Atletico de Madrid (Atleti) supporter, he was family and deserves to be remembered on this site. We respected and loved him. He will be greatly missed by his entire family.

So as a tribute to José, Michael, and IT professional, began a personal crusade to design and build an application in his honour. The result of those endeavours is Celador. “Celador” is the Spanish word for “orderly” in the healthcare industry.

Celador is a Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) that assists medical and nursing staff manage the operations of a hospital; from ambulance calls, doctors' clinics, inpatients & outpatients, wards & beds, surgery bookings, medical procedures, lab testing, medication, catering and inventory management. If you want more information on Celador, please visit Castellan System's website; Celador has been made available at no cost to healthcare facilities.